A Guide For Measuring To Get The Perfect Wig Size

A Guide For Measuring To Get The Perfect Wig Size

Getting the perfect wig is more work than most people assume. When choosing a wig, whether it is a cheap human hair wig, a luxurious, or a synthetic wig, you must spare some time and consider those factors. One of the essential factors is the size of the wig. Choosing the perfect size is paramount. For this reason, this write-up considers how to measure for the perfect wig size.

Measuring to get the perfect wig size

A lot of people do not know that not all wigs are designed to fit all head sizes. The wig caps are usually designed for specific sizes. Therefore, before you go out to shop for a wig, it would be wise to measure your head first. Below is a guide for how to do this;

1. Start by measuring the circumference of your head

The first thing you must do to determine the ideal wig size for you is to measure the circumference of your head. This should be very easy. Here, you will need a tape measure. Begin by wrapping it around your head, from the center of your forehead, around the name of your head back to the center. Ensure to position the tape measure at your hairline region and ensure that it goes behind your ears. After doing so, note down the measurements.

2. Measure the distance from your forehead to the nape

The nape region is the area behind your head, right above your neck. When measuring the distance between your forehead and nape, you must place the tape measure at the front and center of your hairline and run down to the nape of your neck. If you have a bald spot at the front of your hairline, you can add an inch to the results.

3. Measure the distance between your ears

The next step is to measure the distance from one ear to the next. Start the measurement from an inch above the crease at your ear top. From there, bring the tape measure across the top of your head to the same position on your other ear.

4. Take the measurements between your temples

The final step is to measure the space between your temples. All you must do is place the measuring tape at one of your temples and pass it around the back of your head to the other temple. Ensure to note the measurements at each step.

5. Using the measurements

Once you have taken all the measurements, you must bring them along when shopping for wigs. The wig sizes usually differ from one seller or manufacturer to the next. However, these measurements will still come in handy in each case. You can always use them to check the wig size options and choose the ideal size.


Some manufacturers offer wigs with flexible wig caps. These caps can fit various head sizes. However, this is not always the case. Therefore, having your measurements with you would always come in handy. In addition to the wig cap size, you must also consider the length of the wig strands.