Distinctive features of allegro 2 reformer

Distinctive features of allegro 2 reformer

The allegro 2 reformer is one of the most durable and serviceable reformers due to its smoothness and sleek profile. The innovation and more complex variations of the allegro 2 reformer make it distinct from the other reformers. It has introduced new exercises for the upper and lower body and body core to refine overall physical form. It can help you build smaller core muscles and stretch the long muscles of the body. It provides stabilization and coordination to the body, joint stability, muscle power, lactate tolerance, and much more. It allows you to experience dynamic and intense pilates exercises by offering resistance through the springs. It will enable your body to undergo a wide range of motion to enhance muscle tone.

Features of allegro 2 reformer:

If you are searching for durable and high-quality pilates reformers, allegro 2 lies at the top. Here are some distinctive features of allegro 2 reformer that will help you decide that it’s worth your money:

Top-quality raw material:

Allegro 2 reformers are mainly composed of aluminum instead of steel, which makes them lightweight and handy. The aluminum is treated with heat and alloys, which gives it high tensile strength and durability. Aluminum alloys form a dense oxide layer when exposed to water or air. It gives corrosion-resistant properties to the allegro 2 reformer. “Aluminum oxide film treatment” can be done to prevent corrosion completely.

Adjustable foot bar:

An adjustable sliding foot bar is an outstanding feature of the allegro 2 reformer compared to other reformers. It can accommodate different foot sizes, including children. It is easy to slide the foot bar along the length of the reformer up to your desired marked section. You can easily adjust the foot bar to 3 levels, i.e., low, medium, and straight. Cushioned and un-cushioned foot bar covers are also available in the market to protect foot bars from wear and tear.

Adjustable straps:

The whole strap system of the allegro 2 reformer is upgraded and more efficient. An advanced soft touch rope system has made it easier to adjust the straps. Pulleys are installed at the head side to make the appropriate rope changes even in the lying position. This innovation is highly satisfactory and convenient.

Resilient springs:

High-quality springs offer remarkable resilience and flexibility. They give linear motion with uniform force. Even extended use does not affect the elasticity of the springs. It rebounds without making any noise which enhances concentration during pilates exercise.

Comfortable bed body:

The body of the bed is smooth and luxurious, with a seamless finish. Microfiber leather is an advanced type of leather used to construct the bed of the allegro 2 reformer. This leather undergoes multiple manual inspections, which give the following special features to the allegro 2 reformer:

  • Water-resistant
  • Dustproof
  • Anti-fouling feature
  • Anti-yellowing
  • Wear and tear-resistant
  • Chemical resistant

The bed is internally lined with a high-density sponge. It undergoes advanced 7D silicon processing, which provides lubrication, softness, and resilience. It offers the users comfortable posture, making the pilates exercises easier.