How to Repair Pressure Washers from Home

How to Repair Pressure Washers from Home

Are you are DIY kind of person? The kind that prefers to repair things at home? Being in a position to fix things on your own always gives you a certain sense of independence. Those moments when something breaks and you fix it always leave you with a proud feeling.

If you own a pressure washer or intend to buy one then you don’t have to worry so much about mending it when it is broken. A pressure washer is one of the tools that you can fix from home. All you need is the right information and appropriate tools.

Once you buy a pressure washer you need to check the operator’s manual. This helps you learn the safety measures you ought to take when using a pressure washer. Through these safety measures, you can prevent your pressure washer from constant damage.

Why Is Your Pressure Washer Not Working?

The first step to fixing your pressure washer is discovering the source of the problem. It’s important to note that different models could experience different kinds of faults and the solutions could be different. When you’re looking for ways to fix your pressure washer make sure you gather the information that suits your pressure washer.

One of the reasons as to why your water pressure washer is not working could be because of insufficient water supply. This leads to low pressure which doesn’t do the job. This could also be brought about by clogged inlet water sift or you might be using the wrong nozzle.

The other reason could be that your unloader valve is damaged. This makes the pressure washer have no pressure at all. This can also be brought about by a damaged pump inlet manifold which can also cause pulsing pressure.

Fixing Your Pressure Washer

After discovering the source of the problem fixing your pressure washer becomes an easy task. Here are several ways of fixing some of the faults that your pressure washer could be experiencing.

Using the right nozzle saves you a lot of trouble. With the right nozzle, you can fix the low-pressure problem. Switching to the higher pressure spray nozzle helps you get the job done. It’s also the fix when your detergent injector is not working.

Using the required voltage and ensuring your pressure washer is plugged also works. You should always ensure that your pressure washer has enough gas or fuel when it stops or fails to start. You can fix a leaking pump by replacing it, or sometimes it could be caused by loose bolts and tightening them solves the problem.

In case your pressure washer is making excessive noise then you might want to check whether the water intake is blocked. It could also be solved by adding oil to the engine or pump.

For each problem that you encounter with your pressure washer, there could be more than five solutions to the problem. To learn more about pressure washers visit Giraffe and buy a pressure washer.