Residential Garage Doors And Their Types

Residential Garage Doors And Their Types

A residential garage door is like an ordinary glass door but different in properties and manufacturing style. A garage is not a part of our houses that need much care, but we humans need more maintenance than our vehicles. That's why the doors used as residential garage doors have more insulating capacity than ordinary ones.

Residential garage doors are also called overhead doors. Because when you open the door, these doors slide in an upward direction. However, other doors are also famous: some slide on the side, some roll like a carpet rolling around a drum, or some complicated thing.

In this article, we will discuss different types of residential doors depending upon the movement of their closing. This will benefit you when you buy an entry for your own house. To gain more information about them must read the complete article.

Type Of Residential Doors

These types of residential doors are discussed in detail here.

Sectional Residential Doors

As the name shows, sectional residential doors are installed into a section to make a big door. The less weight and smaller size make it easier for the manufacturer or the installer to install it in areas at a particular place. Sections are applied separately but are then joined together by hinges to give the door a good look. Residential doors must be chosen according to your house's decoration and construction. The colors painted on these doors must be according to your home's paint. The one-layer panel or section will slide up and go under the ceiling when you open your garage door.

Roller Garage Door

A roller garage door will be rolled around the barrel. You can say a roller garage door looks like rolling cloth in a round shape or rolling a carpet in a round shape around a drum. Such type of garage door has both automatic and manual both kind of openings, or it can be any single one according to your choice. Mostly it is available in steel form that can easily be rolled around like a roll the drum. These are the openings we saw for the door of shops.

Slide Up Garage Door

Slide-up doors are given the name because of their introduction. Slide-up garage doors are those in which the opening of the entries is upward. These are most convenient when discussing garage doors, not residential ones. The 18x7 garage door are best type in slide up.

Slide Side Garage Door

Slide sides have the convenience of opening toward one side. For residential garage doors, this slide side is the best type. You don't need to wait extensively for the introduction. It quickly takes a side and gives you your way of walking. Other openings are better than this. Roller opening is famous, but its upward direction makes it less critical.


In this article, we told you about different garage door types depending on their kind of opening. All are suitable types. But you can choose the one according to your own choice.