The Need for More Education on Installing a Genius Weft

The Need for More Education on Installing a Genius Weft

In the world of hair extensions, the genius weft is the latest innovation that has taken the beauty world by storm due to its natural look. However, there is a large gap in the current knowledge of professionals and consumers about its correct installation despite the increasing use of the product. This article aims to discuss the significance of education for the installation of genius wefts, the challenges, and the advantages.

Understanding the Genius Weft

Genius weft is a special kind of hair extension that is specially made to blend with natural hair and give it volume and length but with no tracks visible, unlike the normal wefts. In contrast to machine wefts or hand-tied wefts, the genius weft is even thinner, which is more comfortable to wear and less noticeable. It is suitable for different hair types and can be used in different hair styles but this is an advantage that comes with a disadvantage since installation of the hair calls for expertise.

Challenges of Installing a Genius Weft

First of all, it is necessary to mention that the weft is very thin and requires special skills and experience. If improperly done, it can result in uneasiness, harm to the natural hair, and may not look good. Also, due to the thin structure of the weft, it is easily entangled or ripped during the application process. Another major issue that has been identified is that there is no set training for the professionals. Although many hair extension techniques are taught in beauty schools and through professional courses, the genius weft is new and not covered as often. This leads to a few stylists who are skilled in its application hence creating inconsistency and possible dissatisfaction of clients.

Benefits of Proper Training

There are many advantages of investing in education on genius weft installation. For stylists, mastering this technique is a great asset that will make them stand out from the numerous competitors. It enables them to deliver a quality service that meets the needs of those clients who are in search of quality natural-looking hair extensions. Furthermore, it minimizes the chances of making installation mistakes, hence, clients are more satisfied and likely to come back for more business. To clients, it means that they will only be attended to by a qualified stylist who will make sure they have a good experience. Genius wefts are comfortable, durable, and natural when they are well installed on the head of the client. It also has the added advantage of improving the self-esteem of the client, as they look presentable. Also, clients can embrace the genius weft without any harm or loss of their natural hair as the best stylists understand how to handle the hair and scalp.


The genius weft can therefore be described as a revolution in the world of hair extensions, as it is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. However, its successful implementation is highly dependent on the stylist. Thus, education and training should be a priority for the industry, as this will make more professionals capable of properly installing these wefts, which in turn, would improve the experience of the clients. With the increase in awareness and availability of training, the Genius Weft is set to be a standard in hair extension services to the advantage of the stylists and their clients.