Top 3 Devices from UWELL Caliburn Series Worth Choosing

Top 3 Devices from UWELL Caliburn Series Worth Choosing

UWELL is at the top of its game, manufacturing products that are innovative, fun, and packed with features all at the same time. They have launched such products in the market for the lovers of vaping and e-cigarettes which have not only enhanced their experience but also given them some high-tech products which they can enjoy anywhere and everywhere they want.

Following are the three most amazing devices by UWELL from the Caliburn series, which are worth choosing. Read one!

Top 3 Devices from UWELL Caliburn Series

UWELL Caliburn G2

Simple and sophisticated yet jam-packed with amazing and exciting features, Caliburn G2 by UWELL is to die for! Available in 9 diverse colors so that you may find the one you love and a drip tip shaped like lips for the user’s convenience, this could become your ultimate partner.

The fun element of vibration increases the user's interactive experience by indicating battery, voltage, and circuit through different vibration patterns. The airflow adjustment wheel lets you adjust according to your will precisely, and the window liquid checker keeps the users aware of when to refill their pods. If you are deciding to get one, uwell caliburn g2 is your way to go!

UWELL Caliburn KOKO prime (Vision)

UWELL takes smoking to another level with their innovative product like the Caliburn Koko prime vision, which features an attractive dark and light translucent body. The aesthetic decorative panel on the aluminum body and the fact that you can see what’s actually going on inside your vape increase the visual appeal of manifolds.

Keeping the beauty aside, the tech used in this e-cigarette makes it a top-end device. There are two airway passages with an unbreakable silicon cap on the top. You can fill in the liquid from the top, which will avoid any spilling and increase convenience. The coolest part of this tech vape is that it allows a coil change and comes with two more coils of different delightful flavors.

Its convenience and accessibility are increased with a 690mah battery capacity, fast charging with the help of a c-type port, and short circuit protection. It reminds you to charge it with a low power indication. It's a device meant to be chosen.

UWELL Caliburn GK2

With a mind-blowing and visually appealing Caliburn GK2 by well, one can never go wrong. This light-weight interactive e-cigarette is available in 4 dazzling colors, one of which comes in a monochrome shade. The body is made up of aluminum, and the upper graphic panel features glass and shiny lights, and cool designs. The vape changes its colors at different working stages like low battery, low voltage, cartridge install, etc.

For the enjoyment of the users, the liquid-filled pod is kept refillable along with the option of coil change. This model is upgraded to fit a wide range of smokers with better and advanced functions like pro-Focus flavor adjustment, the addition of a lanyard ring, and vibration interaction. Different coils are provided for better tastes, and the airflow adjustment wheel makes it one of a kind. Do not miss out on this one!


The above-given Caliburn models were 3 of the most innovative and thrilling products. If you want something sophisticated but also want each and every feature, the Caliburn g2 should be your ultimate choice. On the other hand, if you want something that's an open book and still has a mysterious look to it, the transparent Caliburn Koko prime (vision) can be your partner in crime. Last but not least, Caliburn GK2 is the one you should buy if the visual appeal is everything to you. Happy vaping!